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Guitarist: live music

Let the live music set the right mood for your special occasions!

LS Music can cater for a wide range of live music entertainment requirements. 

Italian guitarist, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Luca plays acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, bass, and percussions, among other instruments.
He specializes in finger-style guitar (or ukulele) where he simultaneously plays, rhythm, bass lines, harmony and melody.

Luca grew up in a small town of the Calabria region in southern Italy, moved to Florence in his teens and later to London (UK) where he resided for several years before relocating to San Francisco with his wife in 2011.
Over the years Luca's collaborated with several artists through his travels, developing a solid level of musicianship in multiple genres and building up an international repertoire

Luca can perform from soloist or duets to full band.
He can easily match the right musicians to each event, whether for a small and intimate gathering, wedding or major music festival. 

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